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 Mission Statement

Personal Defense Connection strives to meet our clients' 
personal safety needs. 
We help them learn how to be aware, how to avoid potential threats, 
and to be prepared to effectively handle the possibility 
of a violent encounter.


After realizing that many self defense classes involve martial arts and that nearly all violent criminals that are “successful” do not practice any martial art, Dave Pike, owner and instructor of Personal Defense Connection, decided to create self defense classes with effective easy-to-learn and easy-to-remember techniques.

Dave discovered that there are people who are interested in basic self defense and not a five year black belt course. Dave is not against martial arts. In fact, he studied Aikido for many years and really liked it. But it isn't for everyone. So, he started Personal Defense Connection and created his signature "Simply Safer" self defense classes.

The classes are also filled with information about awareness and avoidance, how to get the right mindset to be able to defend yourself if necessary, and what to do after a violent encounter.

Dave is certified by NRA and MCRGO to teach their firearms courses, including MI CPL, and has developed his own firearm courses.


Personal Defense Connection is ready to teach you how to protect yourself
with your natural body weapons, or with defensive tools including firearms.

Personal Defense Connection specializes in improving our clients’ self defense through education and training.  We work with criminal justice agencies as well as community groups and individuals.  Our goal is to create an ongoing training relationship with all of our clients in order to enhance personal defense and reduce the number of victims in our communities.

Real personal defense requires a critical connection between emotion, mind and physical skill.  Our classes connect these personal attributes to increase your confidence and ability to prepare for, perceive, and act, to avoid danger or defend yourself (or others) when confronted with real personal violence.

Personal Defense Connection's classes are held mainly in Southeast Michigan. However, we can scheduled classes outside of our area.

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