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Do you want to feel safer? Dave Pike, owner and lead instructor of PDC, has developed a non-martial-arts Self Defense Series that will teach you practical, proven and effective self defense techniques. You will learn how to be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to perceive, avoid and defend yourself against violent situations. All in a friendly and considerate atmosphere.

These Personal Defense Concepts and principles are built into each Simply Safer course: Mindset, Awareness, Decision, Skills

The method
of training
that PDC uses 
will have a direct impact on the quality
of your skills. 

The simple
training method
that PDC 
has been effectively used 
Law Enforcement Agencies
around the world.

Our Self Defense classes are for
men and women of all shapes, sizes, fitness levels and ages (16 +) and  take place in a friendly and considerate atmosphere. 

We teach practical, proven and
effective skills 
designed for real life dangerous situations. 




Simply Safer Self Defense Intro (aka "Mini")
Come and find out what we're all about! Learn how we can help you train your body and mind to defend yourself. You'll learn tips and techniques to put you in control of your safety and to defend against dangerous situations, along with an overview of our innovative and exclusive Simply Safer courses. (1 to 1.5 hours)

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Simply Safer Self Defense - Condensed (formerly First Step)     
Want to feel safe in just two hours? Learn what you need to know to handle the most common offensive situations. Awareness and avoidance skills are discussed to help you avoid dangerous situations altogether. You will also learn two practical, proven and effective skills; skills that are easy to learn and remember. This class provides two hours of serious fun and great information. Perfect for those of you who don't have a lot of spare time. The simple, yet effective, techniques can be learned by anyone; male/female, all ages (16+), all body types and all physical fitness levels. (2 hours)

Simply Safer Self Defense
Want to feel safe? This innovative class will teach you practical, proven and effective personal defense skills that will help you reduce your fear and increase your personal safety. You will learn awareness, avoidance and physical techniques to help you become prepared - mentally, physically and emotionally - to deal with dangerous situations. These are not martial arts classes. The simple, yet effective, techniques can be learned by anyone; male/female, all ages (16+), all body types and all physical fitness levels. (6 to 8 hours)

Simply Safer Self Defense Level 2 Want to feel even safer? This class builds on the knowledge and skills that are introduced in our Simply Safer Self Defense class. You will learn new, more comprehensive techniques with in-depth drills and realistic scenarios. These are not martial arts classes. The simple, yet effective, techniques can be learned by anyone; male/female, all ages (16+), all body types and all physical fitness levels. (6 to 8 hours)
Simply Safer 2: This time, it's personal (defense)

Simply Safer
with Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray is a great defensive tool, but only if you know how to use it effectively. This class will help you evaluate and determine the most efficient method to carry your pepper spray, as well as teach you how to quickly draw and use your pepper spray to ward off an attack. You will practice with inert spray and you will receive a FREE personal pepper spray upon completion of the class. Actual pepper spray will not be used during the class. (2 hours)

Simply Safer with Defensive Tools
The right tools can make your life easier. Defensive tools can save your life. This class will teach you how to safely carry and effectively use knives, pens and kubotans for personal defense. You will practice using these tools in a safe environment and will learn legal issues associated with them. The simple, yet powerful, techniques you will learn have been successfully used in real life situations. (3 hours)

Simply Safer Business Safety and Security
This program will enhance the effectiveness of the legal use of force to accomplish your mission of keeping your facility safe and secure.  The length of this class depends on the security needs of your facility.  PDC's Simply Safer concepts and principles are used to explain and train Mindset, Awareness, Decision and Skill. This course also covers the following topics: principles of controlling resistance, use of force principles, joint locks, pressure points and defensive counter-strikes (non-lethal).
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Simply Safer Defensive Handgun
You’ve taken a basic handgun class or maybe even the CPL class. Now what? This class is your next step. You will learn current concepts and techniques in defensive handgun including presenting from the holster, kinesthetic sight alignment, defensive movement and engaging multiple threats. This class does not teach you how to shoot; it teaches you how to fight back with your gun. If you plan to carry a handgun for personal defense, then this class is a must.  

PPCT Sexual Harassment Assault Rape Prevention (SHARP)

This course has been specifically designed to meet the needs of women when control methods and assault prevention methods are required. Principles and strategies for effectively reducing the likelihood of assault through actual techniques of countering an attack are stressed in this program. 
   Utilizing efficient and effective methods of subject control that do not rely on size and strength, PPCT has developed a training system that can be used by just about everyone who is interested in personal safety. The segment on Prevention Psychology teaches participants mental awareness and tips on preventing certain situations from occurring. Control Techniques cover low level physical responses that can prevent unwanted physical advances. Sexual Assault Countermeasures teach the participant ways to escape a physical or sexual assault. Weapon Disarming is also covered.

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